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Kingmakers, Book 2

  • Genre: Fantasy/Romance
  • Novel: ~82,000 words (~249 pages)
  • Publication Date: 23 January, 2019

After betraying his oath to the Khalshir Guild, Coryn is expecting to be sentenced to a painful execution. Instead, he’s sent out on an assassination job designed to test his loyalty. When the test demands a moral sacrifice Coryn can’t bring himself to make, he flees, only to end up in captivity with two outlanders.

Kai is determined to save his teenage cousin Adrian from an abusive father. Before he can come up with a plan, their long-lost grandfather kidnaps them and whisks them away to another world. Once there, Kai learns that Adrian possesses a power that makes him a valuable commodity, and that protecting him may be far more dangerous than facing down his drug-addicted uncle.

With the Guild hot on his trail, Coryn has no intention of getting entangled with his fellow captives, but when a chance for escape comes, he finds himself unable to abandon the pair to certain death. Reluctantly, Coryn takes Kai and Adrian under his wing, all the while struggling to deny his growing feelings for Kai.

Can Coryn evade the Guild long enough to help the cousins escape their grandfather and find a mythe-weaver powerful enough to send them home? And if he succeeds, will his heart survive losing the man he’s beginning to care for?