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Psi Hunter

Guardians of the Pattern, Book 1

  • Genre: Science Fiction/Romance
  • Novel: ~101,000 words (~352 pages)
  • Publication Date: 1 March, 2014

Pat Cottrell has no problem working with the man who broke his heart. Ordered to team up with his ex-lover to hunt down a psi criminal strong enough to kill with a thought, Pat intends to keep his personal feelings in check. Business as usual.

Kyn Valdari never meant to break his best friend’s heart, but he never meant to fall in love with him, either. When he’s called in to assist Pat in a dangerous murder investigation, he finds himself fighting feelings he thought he’d buried years ago.

Luka Andreyev is slowly losing his mind to the dark power growing inside him. Caught in a turf war between two rival gangs, Luka’s choices are limited and his future looks bleak.

When he’s rescued by Kyn and Pat, Luka thinks his troubles are over, but it doesn’t take him long to realize nothing has changed. The game now spans the galaxy, the stakes are infinitely higher, but Luka is still just a pawn. And whoever controls Luka controls his deadly power.