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Wytch Kings, Book 7

  • Genre: Fantasy/Romance
  • Novel: ~86,000 words (~259 pages)
  • Publication Date: 6 October, 2020

Series Finale

War is imminent

After the Wytch Council’s failed attempt to destroy the city of Ravenfell, the Wytch Kings of the Northern Alliance are divided over how to respond. Those in favor of swift retaliation would send in their dragon army supported by rhyx-shifters, who can transport soldiers to any spot in Skanda in the blink of an eye. Those who urge caution fear the ancient weapon planted at Ravenfell may not have been unique.

Renegade Wytch Master Ilya knows the mind of the Council all too well, and fears the dark path the Alliance may be forced to tread in the name of freedom. He has a plan, but when his husband Wytch King Garrik refuses to hear his counsel, Ilya sees no choice but to act in secret.

Captain Kavarr’s body may be healed, but his confidence is shaken. Torn from the psychic connection he shared with the rest of his shifter pack, he no longer considers himself fit for command. But his new immunity to the mythe makes him an ideal candidate for a dangerous secret mission that could change the course of the war.

Prince Delrinian of Ysdrach has been the Council’s pawn for nearly half his life. Newly freed and eager to prove his loyalty, Rin finds himself thwarted at every turn by his overprotective brother. When a chance to strike a crippling blow to the Council presents itself, Rin volunteers to help — even though his sometimes-prophetic dreams warn that the price of his involvement could be the life of the man he’s falling for.