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Aion Timeline

Thus far, all of my stories fit into a continuous timeline, though there may be hundreds of years between the different series.

Reading Order

The books in each series should definitely be read in order. Although some can stand alone, they weren’t specifically written to do so, and valuable context may be lost by reading a series out of order.

The series, however, can be read in any order, and are designed to stand alone, although readers familiar with a series may find names, places, or events they recognize in other series.

If you want to read the entire epic chronologically, the reading order would be as follows:

Guardians of the Leythe
Human Frailties, Human Strengths
Human Choices

Wytch Kings
Burn the Sky (Wytch Kings 1)
Blackfrost (Wytch Kings 2)
Shadowspire (Wytch Kings 3)
Dragonwatch (Wytch Kings 4)
Falkrag (Wytch Kings 5)
Ravenfell (Wytch Kings 6)
Askarra (Wytch Kings 7)

Middle Kingdoms & Kingmakers
Leythe Blade
Khalshir (Kingmakers 1)
Renegade (Kingmakers 2)
Mercenary (Kingmakers 3)

Guardians of the Pattern
Facing the Mirror (Book 0.5)
Psi Hunter (Book 1)
Gremlin’s Last Run (Book 2)
Ghost in the Mythe (Book 3)
Wildfire Psi (Book 4)
Eye of the Storm (Book 5)
Closing the Circle (Book 6)