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Aion Maps

These maps are intended to help readers visualize the relative positions of various geographical features and locations rather than to serve as an exact map of the world. Hence, no scale is given.

For the first five books of the Wytch Kings series, the “map” was a bunch of blobs for kingdoms and some crude lines representing rivers and mountains. When I approached Chinchbug about doing maps, I did my best to dig out all the distance references in the books and make them work, but there are a few minor discrepancies. These are due to my lousy record keeping rather than Chinchbug’s cartography skills.

The Kingdoms of Skanda

The Kingdoms of Skanda as they are at the time of the Wytch Kings Series.

The Middle Kingdoms

The Middle Kingdoms (west of the Dragon’s Spine) and the Tovashi Domains (east of the Dragon’s Spine) as they are at the time of Leythe Blade and the Kingmakers Series.

Maps by Chinchbug
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