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Update: June 2022

So here we are in our new home with a fresh new look. *looks around hopefully* Hope it all works… I set this up myself, and despite having done a lot of coding back in the day, these days I find myself somewhat… tech-challenged.

Update things…

  • Website: Blogger got rid of their follow-by-email widget, so I decided it was time to get rid of Blogger. WordPress seemed like a good bet, so I’ve been playing around over here, rebuilding the site from the ground up (which wasn’t actually as hard as it sounds, thank goodness!) For now, you’ll be able to get here using, but eventually, I’ll have pointing over here.
  • Newsletter: there will be one last newsletter telling folks how to get here, and after that I have to shut it down. I can’t afford to keep the required PO Box. The Post Office wants over $200 a year for a PO box now, and all I’m using it for is a physical address to put in the newsletter, which is apparently required by law. So unfortunately, that’s going away. You can, however, sign up for email updates when I post here. It’ll be pretty much the same stuff you’d get in a newsletter: updates, release announcements, maybe a taste of a work-in-progress. You can sign up here. (Or go to the About heading at the top of the page and click on Follow. It’ll take you to the sign-up.)
  • New stuff: Been run off my feet with family stuff just lately, and am only now starting to think about the next project. It might be Kingmakers 4, tentatively titled “Prisoner”, or it might be something new. I’m still mulling it over and playing around with a few ideas.
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